Saturday, September 8, 2012

Who is Phi Clothing Designs?

Back in 2009, my first attempt at designing clothing in Second Life was such a disaster that I figured I'd never do it again. Then a friend of mine started designing pants, and described a multi-hour process to fitting the pant design to the clothing template. This is because the template is not square, it's a polygon, which means a manual texturing of the texture to fit the polygon. While it's possible to use Photoshop to spread the texture over the polygon, the problem is the process often smears the texture making the seams hard to align, and it's awfully challenging to get the seams to align.  This is why many designers have stitch lines or dark areas along the seams so it looks okay when the texture is applied.

But not at Phi.  At Phi, it took us 2 years (no full time of course) and 3 major versions to create a process to blend textures into these odd shaped polygons so that the textures align.  In our October 2013 reboot, we optimized our clothing process while making the clothing buying and using process as easy as possible.  3 BETA testers evaluated the system and found it seamless.  Now it's your turn.

We also went to a FREE model.  The HUD is FREE and copiable (no transfer).  Each OUTFIT is FREE and copiable (no transfer).  What you pay for are the patterns/fabrics.  You don't buy one colour, you get 8 hues in a pack.  We also sell FATPACKS, 6 designs in a pack, and save even more money.  So one FATPACK is actually 48 different dresses.

The HUD makes it EASY to manage the hundreds of variations you could buy, get as group gifts or give-a-ways

We don't do conservative design. Our patterns are eye popping, wild and colourful, using complex shapes and styles. Because we match seams, this allows the patterns to be large and seamless themselves. When you tie this to seamless texture mapping you'll see very quickly how we are very different.

As of October 2013, we have 4 mesh outfits, 30 patterns and 240 variations.  With significant increases in productivity, we will be able to offer more outfits more quickly.  Hours, instead of weeks.  Want the latest designs?  Check out Phi first.

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