Thursday, September 13, 2012

New Clothing Shop in the Works

Well, I have been working very hard to come up with my new store. I've changed my mind about 80 times on how it will work.

Each Phi will sell several mesh styles.  Each style will have a pattern.  Each pattern will have a color. A design is a particular color of a given pattern for a specific style.

Each design will be limited edition and have 100 copies. (In the future, we might offer more copies of a given design; but at the onset, we will offer only 100.)  Once it is sold out, it won't be offered again, but the pattern might be offered in a different colour.  Each design will have a price (probably $399) and a group refund of at least 15%.  If you are a group member, and purchase a dress without the group enabled, you will not get a refund; nor will the store offer cash back if you forget.

Look for a store opening late September or early October 2012.

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