Saturday, September 29, 2012

Inventory Management - Per Dress

Even if you have your own Second Life Inventory Management System (or if you don't), I strongly recommend that you create at least some kind of management system for the outfits that you do buy from us.

The reason is that Phi Dresses come Modify/Copy/No Transfer.  If you learn how to add subtle colours to your dresses (with Firestorm [recommended] or with the Linden Labs Viewer), you can end up with a lot of different dresses and not know which ones are which.

The idea is very simple.

As soon as you get a dress from us, create a new subfolder within the folder we provide you, and call it "!!Originals!!".

Next, whenever you want to create a colour variation, you create a new subfolder with the colour variation as the name, and put a copy in there.

NEVER EVER edit anything in the Originals folder.  That way no matter what you do you can always go back.

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