Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Phi Clothing Designs - Universal HUD

The Phi Clothing Designs - Universal HUD is a new addition to the store. With it, you can install ALL the dress design patterns, called "Outfit Pattern Packs", into it  -- being corny, "One HUD to rule them all".


When you first attach the HUD, it will look like this:

To install, you REZ an INSTALLER on the ground, and on the side of the box it says:

So you click OPTIONS (ignore that it says Tulip, it tells you which dress you are really working with and will be different for everybody):

Then INSTALL.  Note: You can install several outfits at the same time, so you don't have to do one by one.  The only limitation is that you have to be within 20m of the INSTALLER.

Then YES:

When you click DONE, your HUD will be updated with all the packs you installed.  Each time you put on a new outfit, you click IDENTIFY and ONLY the packs available for that outfit appear.  To get to the NEXT or PREVIOUS outfit, you click the arrows.  If you have a different outfit on, and don't click identify, clicking a fabric/texture won't change your dress colour.


From the main HUD, you can click the TINT button to bring up this panel.  Clicking anywhere allows you to add subtle colour/tint to your outfit.  This helps you better colour match your outfits with your accessories.  Watch out though, this really only works with lighter coloured fabrics.  But it's a nice add.

Options ::: HELP

If you are looking at this page, you already know how to get help, but if you forget the address, use Options ::: Help to get this.  This takes you to the User Guide.

Options ::: Make Perm

Making an Outfit permanent is required when you want to use one of our designs or patterns in an "Second Life Outfit".  The problem is, SL uses a LINK to a dress not a copy, so if you create an SL Outfit, then change the pattern on the dress for a different purpose, your outfit will point to the changed dress, not the one you thought you created in your outfit.

To fix this problem, you use the MAKE PERM feature.  This causes the OUTFIT to no longer be affected by the dress, and as you can read from this dialog:

You can get a different outfit from Inventory or our store and your HUD will work with them too.

Options ::: Drop

This feature is used to remove textures you have installed that you don't like from the HUD.  It is usually used to remove all DEMOs but you can use it to remove any packs:

One question you might ask is, how do I know what a particular pattern looks like from the name?  That's easy, simply rez the installer.  The top of the Installer Pack shows the patterns in the pack and there floating text identifying the name:

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