Thursday, September 12, 2013

New prices

As we get closer to the grand re-opening, I want to let you know about some price changes.  In the previous store, I charged $299 for one outfit.

In the new store, you can only buy outfits packs of 8 for L$425.  Fatpacks of 6 outfits will be priced around "buy five get one free".  So a 6-pack will cost L$2000 and up.

The HUD is free, and the dresses are free as well.

This is a significant reduction in prices.  The reason for the cost reduction is to be cost competitive to other stores out there, but also to reflect an optimization in our processes.  We've eliminated much of the labor, and felt we should pass these savings on to our consumers.

- Ginger
Sept 12, 2013

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