Wednesday, October 24, 2012

New Vendor is Finally Here !

It now only takes one click to select and one click to buy.

After many hours of development, testing, throwing away, starting again, developing, throwing away, starting over ... you get the idea.  Our new vendor is finally ready and is shown below.  In the original design, we needed 88 prims to sell 8 outfits.  In this revised vendor, 84 prims are required to sell 96 outfits and not only that .. we can now sell fat packs.  The vendor will also have a slide show with images of our outfits in the wild from, so if you want to be featured, send them in.

With this new system we sell 2 styles; 18 patterns with 8 hues each for 144 outfits and 36 different fat packs.

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